Police arrest Bradford immigrant who has stayed here illegally for 20 years

UK Border Force
UK Border Force
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Police have arrested an illegal immigrant who had overstayed illegally in Bradford for 20 years.

West Yorkshire Police today arrested a man who has been staying in the UK illegally for the past 20 years.

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He was arrested in Bradford today for immigration offences and taken to a detention centre, from where he will be deported.

The man is suspected of serous offences he committed over 20 years ago, the force said.

A spokesman said : "Today officers from Bradford West arrested a male who was an illegal overstayer in this country for over 20 years. He was arrested for Immigration offences and taken to a detention centre pending removal from the UK.

"On his return to his native country the male will be dealt with for serious offences he committed over 20 years ago."

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