Plans approved for 900 Leeds homes

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Local Government Secretary Sajid Javid has granted planning permission for 900 new homes in Leeds despite the city council’s decision to refuse the plans.

The three sites, in Bramhope, East Ardsley and Collingham, will now be open to development despite a furious battle lasting several years to stop the plans.

In Bramhope, plans have been passed for 380 homes, in East Ardsley for 370 and in Collingham, 150.

Mr Javid, agreeing with inspector’s reports after a series of inquiries earlier this year, said there was a “desperate need” for affordable homes to be built.

Access to the site in Collingham would not necessarily harm the appearance of the village, the report found, its character would not be significantly affected, and there would be no adverse impact of the living conditions of those already living in the vicinity. While Collingham residents had raised concerns over flooding risk, it was felt that enhanced defences proposed would be of general benefit to the whole of the village.

In East Ardsley, permission has been granted for 370 dwellings and access off Bradford Road.

Acknowledging that queueing at Thorpe Lane junction would be made slightly worse, inspectors found, this would not be to an extent which would merit a refusal.

In Bramhope, plans for 380 homes and a convenience store off Breary Lane were passed, although access should be reserved for future consideration.

“Contrary to the views of the council’s witness, the site does not play a vital role in the character of Bramhope,” inspectors said.

“The village does not have a single, distinct form and consequently is readily capable of accepting change.”