PHOTOS: Police called to evict tenants for drug misuse at filthy flat piled high with rubbish

Is this the filthiest house in Leeds?
Is this the filthiest house in Leeds?
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Police were called to this filthy property in Leeds to help Leeds Council evict its tenants - and found the disgusting state in which they left the property.

West Yorkshire Police released these photos of the appalling, squalid state of a flat in Wortley Heights, Leeds, today.

In one of the photos, rubbish can be seen piled so high that the floor is no longer visible, while a sheet is pinned over the window.

Crisp packets, Pringles tubes, magazines and newspapers are strewn across the filthy living room.

In the kitchen, polastic bags and old rags are piled up on the floor, tables and chairs.

Police said they had received reports of antisocial behaviour and drug misuse at the property.

A statement released by West Yorkshire Police said: "The tenants of a flat in Wortley Heights have been evicted today after numerous reports of anti-social behaviour and drug mis use.

"Officers from Inner West worked alongside Leeds city Council Housing and obtained the eviction order.

"If you have any information in relation to drug mis use, please contact the police on the following"