PHOTOS: Is this a ghost captured on camera in Leeds city centre?

Is this a ghost in Leeds?
Is this a ghost in Leeds?
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A photographer has captured footage of a 'ghost' near to a waterway in Leeds.

Michael Lancaster was out taking photos in the evening with some friends when he caught this unusual phenomenon on camera.

The photo, taken on at the waterways between Granary Wharfe and Bridgewater Place in the city centre, appears to show a strange, silvery shape.

Mr Lancaster said he was told by a friend that the spectral shape caught on film was simply a 'lens flare' - but that he 'wants him to be wrong'.

He said "I took this shot the other night. Now someone has told me that it's a lens flare/the lens reacting to the light with it being a long exposure.

"I trust this persons input and knowledge but at the same time, I can't help but want him to be wrong.

"There are lens flares around the streetlights to the upper right.

"The shape of the thing I caught, in my mind, is too defined and the shapes are too different for it to be that.

"It appears to be a helmet and a bent arm leaning back against the railings. I believe it could be lens/light reactions but I so want it to be more. What do you think?"