‘Photography helped me fight against anxiety’

DREAM: Louise Pollitt has long aspired to work in photography.
DREAM: Louise Pollitt has long aspired to work in photography.
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Louise Pollitt hopes her story of managing her anxiety to pursue a passion for photography can inspire other people.

Louise says that practicing photography is her “dream” but admits she has had to overcome personal struggles along the way.

Louise, who works in Leeds, experienced post-natal depression and anxiety shortly after the birth of her first child.

But the mother-of-two, 34, found solace in photography.

She now runs a successful business that incorporates work at weddings as well as family events and baby pictures.

“Those days were pretty dark and I often shudder when I see pictures of that time,” recalls Louise.

“Since then I have battled with it on and off.

“I have concluded that it’s just something that is a part of me, and rather than let it control me I will live with it and control it instead.

“Five years ago I would have been terrified standing up in front of people, like I do at weddings having to organise people for pictures.

“But doing photography pushes me to do it.”

Louise cut her teeth in the industry by shadowing a snapper at a clutch of weddings.

She now gets plenty of bookings and is looking into the possibility of turning full-time next year.

She juggles the photography work with a part-time office role and looking after her two young children.

“I did three or four weddings with her and then it got to the point where I thought I may as well fake ‘til I make it,” added Louise.

“I did a wedding on my own and I’ve already got four booked in for next year.

“Working in photography has always been a dream and work has boomed in the last six months.

“It’s crazy at times, but very enjoyable.”

To see examples of Louise’s work, visit www.louisepollittphotography.com.

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