Pet hurt by glass dumped in Leeds park

Odin the dog injured in Golden Acre Park.
Odin the dog injured in Golden Acre Park.
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A DOG loving couple are heartbroken after their beloved pet labrador was badly injured in a Leeds park, leaving them with a £4,000 vet bill.

Their chocolate brown labrador Odin was on extendable lead as Michelle and John Garbutt walked in Golden Acre Park.

Suddenly their pet was writhing in agony after he ran into a stream and was hurt by a broken bottle.

Michelle, 44, who works for Waitrose, said: “We were walking with Odin and Corey, when Odin jumped and ran into a stream, near the band stand. We realised he had received a serious injury as all his tendons, muscle and blood vessels in his back leg were lacerated, which needed emergency surgery.

“My husband and I had to rush him to the vets in Yeadon, where he had to have immediate surgery and his tendons sewn back together and his veins were ripped.

“His tendons did not heal to which has made all his ligaments in his leg collapse, They have put a plate in on his hock bone and a plate to support his limbs. He is still on a drip at the moment as he is not eating or drinking. We are hoping to get him home soon, but he has to have cage rest for at least three to four weeks, which will be difficult.”

Odin has had two operations and is expected to take another four weeks to recover, after the incident on April 5.

Now the couple from Pudsey, say they have complained to Leeds City Council, but have had little sympathy from the park warden, when they tried to find out what caused the injury.

They feel annoyed they have been left with massive vet bill.

Mr Garbutt said: “The park warden said he couldn’t find anything, so my husband went back up and found the broken bottle in the stream.”

She said they were seeking legal advice over who should pay the vets bill: “Pet insurance only covers us up to a certain amount and it is now beyond that. We feel parks should be a safe place.”

A Leeds City Council spokeswoman said: “We’re very sorry to hear about Mr and Mrs Garbutt’s pet’s injury and wish him a speedy recovery. This is a very unfortunate example of what can happen when irresponsible people dump litter thoughtlessly. There is absolutely no excuse for endangering animals by lazy littering instead of getting rid of rubbish responsibly.”

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