Pervert jailed for accessing over 1,000 vile child sex images at his Leeds home

Simon Cook.
Simon Cook.

A pervert who accessed over 1,000 images of young children being seriously sexually abused has been jailed for two years.

Simon Cook, 41, was told by a judge that his offending was too serious to impose anything other than an immediate prison sentence.

Leeds Crown Court heard Cook initially came to the attention of police in May 2014 after receiving intelligence that abusive child images had been accessed from internet address linked to his partner.

An officer went to his family home on Parkside Row, Beeston, but no action was taken after he was satisfied that Cook’s partner had no knowledge of any illegal activity.

Further action was taken in December 2014 when a detective inspector reviewed the matter and questioned the officer’s initial decision not to take action.

Dave Mackay, prosecuting, said three laptop computers were seized from the property which were analysed and found to contain 1,192 indecent images and 57 movies.

A total of 121 images and nine movies were at category A - the most serious level of offending.

It was also discovered that Cook had made internet searches referring to the rape of children.

The night before his arrest he had accessed 21 different web pages featuring sexual abuse of children before doing some online gambling then visiting a casino in Leeds in the early hours of the morning.

Cook initially denied ever searching for or accessing child pornography.

He later pleaded guilty to four offences of making indecent images of a child.

The offending took place between January 2013 and December 2014.

Holly Betke, mitigating, said Cook accepted that he accessed the images for his own sexual gratification.

She said Cook had been assessed as suitable to attend a sex offender treatment programme as part of a community order.

Jailing Cook, judge James Spencer, QC, said: “This case is serious because for a protracted period you sought and downloaded images of children being seriously sexually assaulted.

“The fact that you and others like you provide a market for such material is the reason why such material exists.

“You are responsible for this abuse of children. It seems to me that this is one of those cases which is too serious to deal with by way of any community order.

“There must be a period of imprisonment here.”