Yorkshire dad delivers 'miracle baby' in his own bathroom after partner went into labour without knowing she was pregnant

A Yorkshire dad has delivered a “miracle baby” in his own bathroom after his partner suddenly went into labour - without knowing she was pregnant.

By Immy Share
Sunday, 24th January 2021, 4:45 pm
Richard and Sammy Vallance with their "miracle baby" (photo: SWNS)
Richard and Sammy Vallance with their "miracle baby" (photo: SWNS)

Richard Vallance, aged 39, said he had the shock of his life when his partner Sammy Vallance, aged 33, began to scream from the toilet that she was “having a baby”.

The dad-of-five thought she was joking at first, but leaped out of bed and ran to the bathroom with a wash towel when he realised she was in labour.

Sammy said she was feeling some pain in her sides at around midnight on January 18 and went to the toilet to get some relief - but she was shocked to discover she was about to give birth.

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In a dramatic scene, Richard held his newborn baby - whose name has yet to be decided - in his arms as he frantically explained the situation to a 999 operator.

An ambulance rushed to their home in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, just minutes later and took the mum and 7lbs baby to Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

Doctors there found the pair were in perfect health and that Sammy had gone through a full pregnancy without any issues.

They said they didn’t suspect she was pregnant at all and she had only gotten a bit bloated a few months ago, which they put down to medication she was on or IBS.

Richard said it was the “most incredible thing” to ever happen to him and that the little boy has been “an unexpected miracle”.

Richard, from Doncaster, said: “It was a completely insane night - one second we were in bed, the next second a baby was popping out.

“When she told me she was having a baby I thought she was joking, I couldn’t believe it.

“But when I held him in my arms I knew he was a miracle, he was our unexpected miracle.

“We weren’t trying to have a baby and we were completely shocked to find out we were, but we will love him with everything we’ve got.

“This has been the most incredible thing to happen to me.

“It felt like a movie - even holding him in my hands I can’t believe he’s real.”

Richard, who works as a volunteer, said that the dramatic and unexpected pregnancy has brought the family together after a tumultuous year.

Sammy suffered from severe postnatal depression following the birth of her fourth child Alfie in 2018, and spent four months in psychiatric care.

But after the birth of their fifth child, she immediately felt a bond with the tot and felt like she could be happy.

Richard said it was incredible to watch his “hero” partner glow and spark into life after suffering from the debilitating illness.

He said: “She wasn’t very well, and the fact she’s had our son in her belly for nine months is simply incredible.

“She was suffering from postnatal depression and she’s sparked into life and she loves the baby to bits. It’s been incredible to watch.

“She’s had such a difficult year, an impossibly difficult one for a mum. Postnatal is a debilitating illness so seeing her like this is incredible.

“Sam is my hero. I don’t know how she’s done what she has.

“But to see her cuddling with him - it has completely changed our lives.”

Sammy was in an acute state of postnatal depression and was treated at Cygnet Hospital in Bierley for four months between July and October 2020 - while she was carrying the baby.

The mum-of-five said overcoming her depression and feeling happy again has been the “biggest blessing”.

She said: “It was such a big shock I didn’t even know. It was scary but it was pure joy when I held him. I’m just relieved now.

“This year has been so difficult but I immediately bonded with the baby, I feel like I’m a mother.

“Cuddling with him, and feeling happy has been the biggest blessing.”

The couple, who have been together 15 years, have received many gifts - including toys, prams, cots and hats - for the little tot from kind strangers and said they would “shower him with love”.