Why this Leeds householder was left scratching his head when parking his car in his garage

Chris Seekins and his garage in June 1989. PIC: YPN
Chris Seekins and his garage in June 1989. PIC: YPN
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There was only one snag with Chris Seekin's garage at his new Morley home...

... it wouldn't take his car!

His 6ft 4ins wide Austin Maestro couldn't squeeze through the 6ft 2ins wide garage door at his home off Victoria Road back in June 1989.

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He said at the time: "I handed over £100,000 in good faith for this house, and now I have to park my car outside.

"It's perfectly possible to get a car inside the garage - maybe a C5 or a Mini. But this was advertised as an executive home.

"You should assume the buyer may have an executive car. I cannot sell this house to someone wioth a Volvo or a Mercedes."

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Mr Seekins said his wife could just squeeze her VW Polo through the opening - but the garage door always clipped her wing mirror.

He said he had rejected an offer from the developers, Hassall Homes, of a steel roller door as this would give his car only a quarter-of-an-inch clearance on either side.

Mr Seekins said he wanted Hassall to install a double door which would need around £500-£700 of work.

A spokesman for Morley-based Hassall Homes said: "We have asked Mr Seekins to suggest which alternative style of door could be fitted which would solve his problem and we await his response."