Watch the hilarious moment chanting Leeds United fans 'ejected' Manchester United supporter from Australian pub

Manchester United fan 'ejected'  - CC Simon Webster @LeedsEverywhere
Manchester United fan 'ejected' - CC Simon Webster @LeedsEverywhere
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This is the hilarious moment chanting Leeds United fans 'ejected' a bemused Manchester United supporter from an Australian pub.

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Simon Webster, who runs the @LeedsEverywhere Twitter account and is in Australia on the club tour with thousands of other supporters, captured the brilliant footage in a bar earlier this evening (July 15).

Around 50 Leeds fans spotted the fan - who was wearing a jacket emblazoned with the Manchester United logo - and started the jovial chants including 'We are Leeds'.

The team are due to take on Manchester United on Wednesday evening.

The supporter eventually stood up and gave in to the fans - dancing to the chants.

However, in a final funny twist, one Leeds supporter took it upon himself to 'remove' the opposition fan.

Lifetime fan and season ticket holder Simon Webster said: "We’ve been out in the bars of Perth by the harbour all day, taking over pubs in the tradition of marking our territory with LUFC flags.

"This was in an Irish bar at the end of the night, mostly traveling fans from the UK but some from Oz.

"The Manchester fan came in and was immediately identified as being in the wrong bar.

"In friendly atmospheric behaviour, Leeds fans let him know this.

"One Leeds fan ejected him out of the bar in the end in a very friendly nature.

"There is no bad blood between either side and it was in good nature."

Simon runs the @LeedsEverywhere social account which will be posting further updates throughout the tour.

To watch the full video, visit the account here (WARNING - BAD LANGUAGE) :