Watch the moment Extinction Rebellion activists 'die' on Briggate in fourth day of protests

Extinction Rebellion activists staged a mass 'die-in' on Briggate on Thursday afternoon after four days of protests in Leeds.

By Abbey Maclure
Thursday, 18th July 2019, 5:58 pm
Extinction Rebellion protesters staging a mass 'die-in' on Briggate.
Extinction Rebellion protesters staging a mass 'die-in' on Briggate.

The protesters have camped out on Victoria Bridge, near Bridgewater Place, since Monday blocking the road to all vehicles.

-> Live updates as the Extinction Rebellion protesters stage 'die-in' and marchThey are protesting against investment into the fossil fuel industry and want the government to do more to stop climate change.

Police and liaison officers escorted the activists on a march from Victoria Bridge to Briggate at about 4.15pm.

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Extinction Rebellion protesters staging a mass 'die-in' on Briggate.

The protesters nominated their own 'peace stewards' who made sure the group stayed on the pavement and caused minimal disruption to traffic.

After marching to Briggate, the protesters dropped to the floor and pretended to be dead in a mass 'die-in'.

One activist made a speech through a megaphone as crowds gathered to watch the protest.

She said: "We must work alongside the media to communicate with citizens who have been in the dark for so long.

Protester leading the Extinction Rebellion march.

"We must reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2025.

"We must stop this fast fashion - stop buying, buying, buying.

"Join us! We're Extinction Rebellion and we are actually pretty nice."

The protesters staged the 'die-in' for about 20 minutes before heading back to their camp on Victoria Bridge.

A number of activists said they were willing to be arrested, but police did not attempt to break up the march.

Friday will be the last day of protests, with the activists expected to pack up and leave the bridge by rush-hour.

Counter-protesters ejected

Two men filming the protesters were ejected from Victoria Bridge by police.

They were accused of being 'right-wing' by the Extinction Rebellion activists.

Police prevented the men from joining the march.