Wakefield NHS manager raffles house for NHS after mum dies of cancer and dad battles Leukemia during Covid lockdowns

An NHS manager from Wakefield whose parents have both suffered from cancer is raffling off his house and donating 10% of the money to the NHS.

By Immy Share
Sunday, 24th January 2021, 5:15 pm
Nick Wyrill, Wakefield is raffling off his house and donating 10% to the NHS (photo: Nick Wyrill)
Nick Wyrill, Wakefield is raffling off his house and donating 10% to the NHS (photo: Nick Wyrill)

Nick Wyrill is a Patient Service Manager at Pinderfields Hospital and has witnessed first hand the tough year that everyone at the NHS has had due to Covid.

The 34-year-old wanted to thank the NHS and its staff for their hard work through the difficulties of the year and also for looking after both his parents through their cancer battles.

Nick's mum died of cancer at aged 57 last year and his dad, aged 59, is currently in Pinderfields Hospital whilst being treated for Leukemia after being diagnosed with the cancer last week.

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Nick and his 18-month-old baby Arthur

The dad-of-one said: "On New Year's Eve my wife and I were discussing moving on and increasing our family.

"We have an 18-month-old baby called Arthur but we were discussing expanding our family and what we wanted in life.

"We toyed with the idea of selling our house the conventional way, through an estate agent, but someone else locally did a raffle when they were relocating to Australia and it was really successful.

"Also it's easier to generate a charitable donation through the raffle route so we thought okay let's give it a go.

Nick has sold just under 42,000 raffle tickets so far

"We didn't have much to lose and if we don't sell enough tickets then someone will still win a substantial cash prize."

All 250,000 tickets, being sold at £2 per ticket, must be sold in order for someone to win the house which lies on the outskirts of Ossett in Wakefield.

The winner will get the keys to the four bedroom detached house, mortgage-free and complete with all solicitor fees paid.

It has been just under two weeks since the raffle went live and Nick has already sold just under 42,000 tickets so far.

He added: "We get such excitement and a buzz from checking the site every day.

"If we continue on the current trajectory, the raffle could be drawn in 65 days.

"And, if we have a surge in ticket sales, we could be looking for a house next week!"

The raffle is set to end on July 1, or whenever the last ticket is sold - whichever comes first.

Nick and his wife Louise have already started looking at new houses but haven't found anywhere yet.

They have decided that they want to rent for a while to give them some time to find somewhere "a bit more longer term".

Nick, who has been working for the NHS for five years, said: "I speak to my dad on the phone daily but due to the nature of his condition visiting is even more restricted than it already would be because of Covid because of how low his immune system is.

"This morning we dropped some things off for him and were able to wave at him through the window.

"It was nice although I think he was a bit confused at being able to see us but our voices coming through the phone."

10 per cent of the money raised from ticket sales will be donated to MY Hospitals Charity, the charitable arm of the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

The charity’s mission is to raise income and manage funds to improve patient care either directly with patients or indirectly via staff.

Keith Ramsay, Chair of The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust and MY Hospitals Charity said: “On behalf of the Trust and the Charity I would like to thank Nick and his family for his inventive way of fundraising for MY Hospitals Charity.

“Fundraising and donations to the charity are being used to improve patient experience, providing equipment above and beyond what’s normally funded by the NHS.

“It is through our communities’ generous donations we are able to improve upon the high quality healthcare services we aim to achieve in our hospitals, to improve the quality of people’s lives.”

Nick added: "This raffle is a way of giving something back - it will benefit NHS staff and patients.”

More information about Nick and Louise's house and the raffle can be found here.