Vegan charity hands out free cappuccinos

010319   Shoppers  in the Merrion Centre, Leeds,
010319 Shoppers in the Merrion Centre, Leeds,
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Animal welfare charity Viva! will be hitting the streets of Leeds to give away free vegan cappuccinos this Mother’s Day.

The Viva!ccino bike will be at the Merrion Centre from 11am to 3pm on Sunday, March 31 to encourage people to choose plant-based milk alternatives.

The bike will allow visitors to taste two types of plant-based milk – oat milk, which has been donated by Swedish plant-based company Oatly, and soy milk. Vegan campaigners will also be on hand to distribute leaflets and answer questions about dairy-free diets.

In recent years, the UK has seen a steady decline in the demand for animal-based products whilst sales of plant-based products continue to grow. Viva! – Europe’s largest vegan campaigning charity – is visiting three cities as part of the giveaway.

Laura Hellwig, Viva! Campaigner, said: “We want to show the public how easy and delicious it is to make the switch to dairy-free products. There has been an explosion of new vegan products on the high street and Leeds is no exception!

“By touring some of the largest cities with our Viva!ccino bike, we hope to reach people who may have never considered dairy alternatives. We also hope to educate people about the realities of the dairy industry. Female cows are artificially inseminated at a young age and will carry their babies for nine months, just like humans. The calf is taken away from the mother shortly after birth, in order for humans to consume the milk. This event is particularly important on Mother’s Day, as we raise awareness of the plight of dairy cows - the mothers who don’t get to keep their babies.

“The best way to help animals, the environment and improve your health is to go vegan. If you are at all curious to try plant-based milk, come along and discover your new favourite vegan drink.”

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