Urgent warning issued to Leeds residents over flats cladding fears

West Yorkshire Fire has issued an urgent warning to residents in 10 apartment blocks in Leeds over cladding fears.

Monday, 9th December 2019, 5:00 pm
Urgent warnings were sent to residents in 10 apartment blocks, including Skyline apartments (pictured: Google)

A number of buildings in the city were ruled to have flammable cladding following the Grenfell Tower tragedy in 2017 and interim measures were put in place to protect residents.

But the fire service has now ruled that urgent action is needed to remove all remaining flammable cladding.

A letter was sent to residents in 10 Leeds apartment blocks warning that if owners did not provide detailed plans for removing cladding, residents could be forced to leave the flats.

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In a statement released today, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said it is taking the urgent measures to keep residents safe following recent incidents such as the huge fire at student flats in Bolton.

The statement said: "We are calling for urgent action to be taken to remove flammable cladding which remains on some buildings across our region.

"Enhanced fire safety (interim measures) were put in place to allow residents to continue living in such buildings following the Grenfell Tower tragedy in 2017.

"However, these measures were designed to be short-term until works could be completed to remove the flammable cladding.

"We are now more than two years down the line and we feel these ‘interim measures’ cannot go on indefinitely."

The fire service has given building owners until January 10, 2020 to outline detailed plans for removing flammable cladding.

No action will be taken over Christmas.

The statement added: "We sympathise with those people living in any buildings affected and we have also written to them to offer reassurance and safety advice in order that they can be vigilant in preventing the unlikely break-out of fire in their homes.

"However, we must act now as the current situation cannot continue.

"We expect a response from the Responsible Persons for buildings in the New Year and will be making contact once again with residents to update them on the way forward.

"We recognise that a number of buildings have already been remediated and others have firm plans to do so.

"We seek to ensure that every building affected is rectified to ensure the safety of residents and our firefighters. "

Which apartment blocks are affected?

The following 10 apartment blocks in Leeds have been issued with the warning:

- 20:20 House

- Aruba

- Crozier House

- McClure House

- McClintock House

- Montague

- One Brewery Wharf

- Quay One

- Skyline

- the St Georges Building