University of Leeds student posts viral tweet after kindhearted landlord rewards housemates long tenancy

A Leeds student's tweet went viral after an incredible gesture from her kindhearted landlord.

By Daniel Sheridan
Saturday, 27th June 2020, 3:06 pm
Updated Saturday, 27th June 2020, 3:10 pm

Maisie Gardner, 22, studied Pyschology at the University of Leeds and spent three years living in a Burley home with six of her friends.

As their tenancy came to an end, Maisie and her housemates sent a farewell message to her landlord and thanked him.

However to their surprise, the housemates received an incredible message back thanking them for being a 'pleasure to deal with' and were told their whole deposits would be returned - with a £50 'small bonus' of gratitude from the landlord.

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The housemates couldn't believe the gesture

Maisie tweeted about the landlord's kind act.

Residents across the city took to social media to praise 'John' the landlord - with the tweet amassing an incredible 250,000 retweets in less than one day from around the globe.

Maisie told the Yorkshire Evening Post: "We lived in the property in Burley for three years and loved our time there.

"We never really had any problems with the house and if we ever did John would send someone to fix it straight away.

The gesture by John

"We were good tenants and kept the house in good condition.

"John text us to arrange repaying our deposits, then sent the message you can see on the tweet!

"I couldn’t believe it, it was such a kind gesture.

"All seven of us living in the house were rewarded £50 each for being good tenants.

"We were all so pleased!"

Maisie said she couldn't believe the reaction to the viral tweet.

She added: "I initially sent the tweet as I wanted to share the kind act from John, but I never expected it to get as much attention as it did.

"I’ve had some lovely comments and previous tenants have also contacted me to say how great he was too!

"I’ve contacted John since who seemed pretty overwhelmed but overall pleased with the response which was lovely!"