TV Gaynor Faye helps one Leeds victim beat the bullies

Curtis Boylan has won backing from Gaynor Faye after making a film about the effects of bullying.
Curtis Boylan has won backing from Gaynor Faye after making a film about the effects of bullying.
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After suffering years of abuse one teenager is taking a very public stand against bullies.

Curtis Boylan, from Sea-croft, has made a powerful film to talk directly to his tormentors to make them understand the distress they cause

And he has won some celebrity support in the shape of actress Gaynor Faye – who was also bullied when she was younger.

Curtis, 18, now works for the Fixers project of the Public Service Broadcasting Trust (PSBT) which is funded by the Big Lottery Fund which awarded them £7.2 million in April 2012.

Fixers encourages 16 to 25-year-olds to take action and change things for the better, addressing any issue they feel strongly about.

The charity arranged for Curtis to meet Leeds-born Gaynor Faye, who is currently starring in ITV’s Emmerdale, and has also appeared in TV shows including Coronation Street and Fat Friends.

Gaynor said: “When it comes to bullying, you can either sink or swim. You can either be the victim or you can be the bullied and overcome it, while at the same time becoming stronger.”

Curtis was hit by a car at the age of three and suffered a brain injury which left him with epilepsy. He also lost the use of his left hand and the accident left him walking with a limp.

At school this made him a target for bullies.

He said: “I got bullied, spat at, punched in face. I got called names. I used to lie in bed and cry my eyes out.”

Curtis hopes his Fixers film will discourage people from bullying others in the future. He also wants it to highlight the warning signs that family and friends should look out for if they suspect someone they know is being bullied.

He added: “I want to stop people going through the stuff that I did,”

Today Curtis is a performing arts student who wants to become an actor.

Watch Curtis talk about his experiences when he appears on Calendar on ITV1 this Thursday from 6pm.