Tommy Robinson: why has ex-EDL leader been declared bankrupt - and accusations of misusing donations explained

Tommy Robinson has been accused of misspending supporter donations (Getty Images)Tommy Robinson has been accused of misspending supporter donations (Getty Images)
Tommy Robinson has been accused of misspending supporter donations (Getty Images)
The far-right leader has denied misusing donations after appealing for money

Former employees of Tommy Robinson have accused the far-right leader of mis-spending donations made via fundraising campaigns.

According to The Independent, claims were made that the former EDL-leader transferred donation money to his business account, with one colleague saying that he was “giving it to his friends who were selling him coke and who he owed for nights out”.

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Robinson would also brag about being “f***ing loaded” and making “mad money”, according to the colleague.

Tommy Robinson has denied misusing funds and declared bankruptcy earlier this month ahead of a libel trial.

According to financial documents seen by the Independent, however, Robinson has received £425,000 in donations since going independent in 2018.

The claims come days after it was claimed by The Times an official receiver was searching for concealed assets under other people's names.

What have former employees accused Tommy Robinson of?

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According to, Caolan Robertson, a former employee of Robinson, £10,000 that was donated for “a day for freedom” was to be spent on equipment but that the money “never materialised”.

Robertson, a video producer, also claims he witnessed transactions from the crowdfunding page into Tommy Robinson’s business account.

Robertson says that when he queried the destination of the money Robinson said it was going to “mates I’ve got to pay back” for “seshes”.

He told the Independent: “We realised that he was withdrawing huge amounts of [donations] in cash from a business bank account, and just giving it to his friends who were selling him coke and who he owed for nights out”.

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He added: “It went to coke habits, prostitutes, and his supporters thought it was going to kids and security and all that stuff.”

Robertson also claims that the former-EDL leader would brag about being “f***ing loaded” and making “mad money”.

How did Tommy Robinson respond to allegations?

Robinson claimed that money was moved to his account “to run the business operations”.

He added: “These operations have included costs of travel, accommodation, film and editing crew and social media activity

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“We have also made donations to the families of child victims of grooming, for example at Christmas.”

Robinson also hints that money has been spent on security due to threats made against his family.

He also said:“I have the utmost respect for my supporters” and denied using cocaine and prostitutes.

“Any purchases of personal items such as designer clothing have been paid for personally.”

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Tommy Robinson’s official website is still accepting donations

Why has he been declared bankrupt?

Tommy Robinson declared himself bankrupt in early March, according to The Times.

Robinson was once able to raise large amounts of money, drumming up support via his social media channels, but since his ban from major platforms he appears to have struggled to raise money.

A major drain on his finances has been legal expenses.

He told the High Court earlier this month that he would need to represent himself in a libel case because he “can’t afford a lawyer”.

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At a preliminary hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice in London on Wednesday, Robinson said he would have to represent himself at the trial.

He told Mr Justice Griffiths: “I can’t afford a lawyer, so I’ve not got a lawyer. I’ve been a litigant in person for the last six weeks.”