‘Three men turned up:’ Doncaster MP plays down Brexit protest outside office

A Doncaster MP has released a photo of an ‘emergency’ Brexit protest outside her office – which she says attracted just three protesters.

Don Valley MP Caroline Flint was braced for a demonstration outside her Auckley office this morning by Best for Britain and Best For Doncaster campaigners upset by her support for Prime Minister Theresa May and her Brexit plan.

But the MP tweeted: “Three men turned up. Unconfirmed if any from Don Valley” minutes after the demonstration got under way.

It is understood the group, none of whom had banners or placards, stood chatting outside the office for about twenty minutes before heading off.

One Twitter user responded to her: “Keyboard warriors strike again it seems. Keep up the good work Caroline.”

The protest was called in response to the announcement that she and 45 Labour MPs are planning to back the PM over her Brexit deal.

The Brexit demo outside the office of Don Valley MP Caroline Flint.

The Brexit demo outside the office of Don Valley MP Caroline Flint.

Ms Flint has previously said that people in Doncaster have not changed their mind about Brexit and a People’s Vote – a final say on any deal struck with the EU – would re-open old divisions and was unneccessary.

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The ‘emergency protest’ in came after members took part in Saturday’s People’s Vote march in London which attracted 700,000 protesters.

Charles Gibson of Best for Britain said: “Whichever way people voted in 2016, nobody voted to be poorer.“