These lovable rescue dogs and puppies are all in need of a forever home in Leeds

These lovable rescue puppies and dogs are all desperately seeking a permanent, loving home in Leeds.

By Claire Schofield
Friday, 9th August 2019, 2:57 pm
These lovable rescue puppies and dogs are all desperately seeking a permanent, loving home in Leeds
These lovable rescue puppies and dogs are all desperately seeking a permanent, loving home in Leeds

The pups are currently in the care of Dogs Trust Leeds, with many coming from tragic backgrounds. If you are looking to welcome a four-legged friend into your home, the Trust will help you find your perfect match. Here are 17 adorable puppies and dogs in need of a forever home.

Max is extremely active and needs a lot of training, but he is very friendly with people and has a great temperament. He would be better in a single person household where he can form a good bond. Breed: Cocker Spaniel
An ex-racer, Barton is now looking for a loving home. He hasn't lived in a home before and is lacking in confidence, so he would benefit from having a fellow dog companion. Breed: Greyhound

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Gus is never happier than when running around with a ball. He needs an owner prepared to work with the Trust to continue his training in his new home and isn't on view at the centre so you need to call ahead. Breed: Terrier Cross
Harry arrived at the Trust with wounds to his neck and legs which has left him petrified, so he needs a patient and understanding owner to help him regain his trust. Breed: Lurcher
Roy was found in a terrible state and was very thin, with red raw skin. He has thankfully recovered and is looking for a loving home with owners who can initially be around all the time to help him settle. Breed: Saluki
Ryder is very active and loves to be outdoors, but can be worried by unfamiliar dogs so would benefit from walking in quieter areas. He is very sociable and should be fine with children over 10 years old. Breed: Lab x Collie
Tigger is super friendly and clever, and will need an active home with owners who can work his brain as well as his body. He can be bouncy and will need a little training. Breed: Crossbreed
Hardy is active and loves long walks, and is a big fan of food. He may share his home with the right dog for company but will need time to settle in, so his new owners will need to be around all the time initially. Breed: Beagle
Maple is full of energy and will need active owners who like long walks. She would be better in a quiet environment with a secure garden for her to play. Breed: Crossbreed
Merv is a cheeky terrier who loves to swim, play and dig our furry things when out and about. He is reactive around other dogs so will need to be the only pet in an adult only home. Breed: Terrier Cross
Oscar is a lively and sociable pup, but would need a quieter adult home with no other dogs. Potential owners will need to speak to the training and behaviour advisor first as he is not on view at the centre. Breed: Bichon Frise
Poochie is a bit of a worrier but a big softie at heart, and loves cuddles on the sofa. He will need patient owners who can give him time to adjust and will need a bit of work around other dogs. Breed: Lab Cross
Billy is an adorable little fellow who loves to be around people, but can be choosy about who he wants to make friends with. He doesn't like being on his own and will always need someone with him initially. Breed: Terrier Cross
Jasper is a playful, active boy and loves a long walk and learning new tricks. New owners will have support from the Trust training staff to help him settle and cope with things that worry him. Breed: Border Collie
Bouncer is very affectionate, but would prefer to live as the only pet. She may need a little house training, so an enclosed garden is essential, and she should be fine left on her own for a few hours. Breed: Akita
Jazz is very friendly and loves a snuggle on the sofa. She would prefer a quieter home without young children and will need help with house training. She is currently staying off site so call ahead. Breed: Chihuahua - long hair
At 14 years old Lucy is looking for a quiet life, but she still enjoys a walk and loves curling up on the sofa. She is looking for owners who are around all the time to keep her company. Breed: Jack Russell Terrier