These adorable Leeds rescue puppies and dogs are in need of a forever home

These lovable rescue puppies and dogs in Leeds are in desperate need of a caring, forever home.

Thursday, 23rd July 2020, 11:01 am
Updated Thursday, 23rd July 2020, 11:04 am
Dogs Trust Leeds

The pooches are currently in the care of Dogs Trust Leeds, with many coming from tragic backgrounds. If you are looking to welcome a four-legged friend into your home, the Trust will help you find your perfect match. Here are some of the dogs that are currently in need of a permanent home:

Oscar is looking for an adult only home as the only pet, as he can be anxious around other dogs. Oscar loves to travel in the car so the world is your oyster! He is housetrained and walks beautifully on lead. He loves human company so owners that are around all the time, certainly initially will be what he so desires, that and a big comfy bed!
Dazzle would love a new home with owners who will appreciate her fun loving personality. She loves training so someone who will continue this will be perfect. She will need to be the only pet in an adult only home with no neighbouring animals as like all Lurchers she has a prey drive. She'll need a fully secure garden so she has somewhere to play off lead and enjoy her 'zoomies!' Her home would need to have few visitors due to her nervousness of new people but our Training Team will advise on how to introduce her to new people. She'll need her owners around all the time to help her settle in to her new life but in time she should be able to be left for short periods if this is done gradually.

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Sasha and Nelson would need a quiet home without children (sensible 16 and overs should be fine) and an enclosed garden for playing and house training. Sasha is unsure around other dogs and prefers her own space, Nelson is totally different and happy to have a sniff and say hello. They will need to be the only pets and have multiple visits so that Sasha in particular can feel a little more relaxed around her new owners.
Poppy would love a home with an active family who will spend quality time with her and take her on plenty of exciting adventures. Due to her lack of social skills she will need to be the only pet. She will be fine living with children over 10 year old as she's a very playful and loving girl. Owners who will continue her training, especially her dog social skills will be perfect. A secure garden with high fence will help with her housetraining refresher and give her somewhere to explore off lead.
Dottie loves toys and long walks as she is an active dog. She is good with dogs out and about but would need to be the only dog in the home. Please call the centre before travelling as an appointment will be needed before meeting her. Dottie is not on view at the centre and owners must be prepared to commit to visiting Dottie enough times to build a bond first.
Jessie must live with another playful similar sized dog who will act as a good role model for her and show her the ropes of home life. Jessie needs owners who are around a lot of the time, without lots of comings and goings and who do not mind a big dog on their furniture. She needs a home with people who are keen to do some training with her and provide her with lots of mental stimulation. Her new home will need to be within 1 hour of the Leeds rehoming centre as multiple visits will be needed before she's ready to fly the nest.
Jess is a fun and playful girl with lots of energy, everything is at 100 miles an hour ! however she loves to snuggle too. She loves cheese and will respond well during training sessions for a tasty treat. Jess will need a secure garden where she can run around and play with her toys !!
Floyd is looking for an experienced home, because although he has got buckets of love to give, he does need some help in some areas of his life. He can be worried about people he hasn't met, so a household with few visitors is important. He also needs to wear a muzzle out on walks, which Floyd doesn't mind as long as you don't. We are working on his dog mixing at the centre, but he would need to be the only pet in the home. Previously Floyd has been left home alone with no problems so we think he'll be fine being left for a few hours in his new home. Although Floyd is a bit of a project, he will be well worth the effort and our training and behaviour team are on hand to give you all the support you'll need.
Jojo will need very experienced dog owners who will understand her training needs. Our Behaviour team will give you plenty of help and guidance on how to bring out her best qualities. She cannot live with any other pets but she is manageable around other dogs out and about and can eventually have walking buddies. Due to her anxieties she needs an adult only home with very few visitors. She will need her owners around all the time as she currently cannot be left at all. She'll need a fully secure garden, in a quiet area, where she can play and explore until her confidence grows and she's ready to start exploring the wider world. As she will need multiple visits at the centre and at home, any potential adopters will need to be within 1 hours drive of the Leeds rehoming centre.
Mim loves to travel and will happily be driven to quieter places for her to walk or swim, she loves water in any form! Once settled in Mim should be fine alone for a few hours especially after a long walk. She will happily entertain herself but prefers the run of the house. If you are not local to the centre then dont worry. As long as you can visit the centre enough times to get to know Mim then distance isn't an issue.
Rigsby needs owners who will be patient and help him slowly adjust to his new life. He will need someone around all the time and it will take a long time until he's ready to start building up any alone time. We feel he would suit being the only pet in the home, however a similar dog in size and character may work depending on how they get on. He'll do really well with owners who enjoy dog training as he's super keen to learn. He must have a fully secure garden with a high fence. He's looking for a quiet adult only home where there will be very few visitors. Potential adopters will need to live locally to the Leeds Rehoming centre as multiple visits will be needed to slowly build a bond with him and unfortunatley travelling distances can really worry him.