The five Yorkshire caves you have to visit

The Yorkshire landscape is a fantastic place to explore underground with a visit to a show cave.

Tuesday, 7th May 2019, 1:14 pm

Here are five which make for a great day out. READ MORE: These stunning Yorkshire coastal walks are ideal for pet owners

Walk in footsteps of Victorian ancestors with a trip to the cave which was first entered in 1837. One of best examples of limestone scenery. Has well-lit concrete footpathwith stalactites, stalagmites and flow stones to explore.
Born in 1488, Ursula Sontheil, who became Knaresboroughs most famous daughter, predicted Great Fire of London and defeat of Spanish Armada. Close is the petrifying well which for centuries people thought had magical properties.
The mile-long tour takes in the Carrots stalactites, which are orange due to the iron content, and the Squeeze, where the flowstone has grown so thick that visitors have to go through sideways.

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One of the longest and most complex systems in the UK with Fell Beck pouring into the cavern before draining through to Ingleborough Cave. Twice a year people can be lowered into the main chamber through the entry shaft.
A great family show cave, the underground system was discovered in 1860 by miners looking for lead seams. Visitors can see a great selection of stalactites and stalagmites which have formed into amazing shapes.