'Shopping in our macs!': Four Leeds women who were turned around mid-air swap Benidorm beaches for Skegness markets

Four defiant Leeds women have not let their mid-air flight cancellations stop them and instead headed to Skegness for their holiday.

By Daniel Sheridan
Sunday, 15th March 2020, 12:33 pm
Updated Sunday, 15th March 2020, 12:36 pm

As reported in the Yorkshire Evening Post yesterday, Kelly Davies, 31, her mum Susan and friends Beverley Bradley and Charlotte Pritchard were on the 7am flight from Leeds Bradford Airport on Saturday morning.

However, around 90 minutes into the flight, the captain announced over the tannoy that the plane would be turned round and heading back to Leeds Bradford Airport after all flights were cancelled to Spain and the surrounding islands by Jet2.

Not to be deterred by the announcement, the group immediately set about organising a trip to Skegness and drove to the coast.

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The group ended up at Skegness after heading to Benidorm

Kelly has now told the Yorkshire Evening Post that the group ended up at a stranger's 60th birthday party on Saturday night and were given all inclusive food at the buffet from the sympathetic party goers.

She said: "We went out last night and ended up at someones 60th we don't know.

"They felt sorry for us after our dramatic journey so offered us free all inclusive food at the buffet.

"We took some doggy bags and cake and had cake and coffee for breakfast this morning.

"We are finding it hard to spend out euros, so we are now shopping round the market - in our rain macs!"

Kelly said the group were waiting until 1pm to visit the local bingo as they were 'due some luck'.

She added: "We want to try and win big, we all need some luck!"