Nine strange and fascinating secrets hidden underground in Leeds

Rumours about secret spaces under the streets of Leeds may easily be dismissed as far-fetched urban myths, but a hidden side to the city actually does exist.

Thursday, 18th April 2019, 09:00 am
Updated Thursday, 18th April 2019, 09:04 am

There are a startling number of mysterious underground areas across the city which have long been forgotten. READ MORE: Nine best kept secrets in Leeds even some locals won't know about

The Westgate tunnel on the Leeds inner ring road.
The Arthington portal of the Bramhope Tunnel.
City Square showing air raid shelters. It was at the time the site of a public air raid shelter, this did not withstand the bombing and was significantly damaged.

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The Dark Arches running beneath the City Station towards Neville Street.
The tram stands in the city centre housed underground toilets.
The 'dinner in the tunnel'' at Leeds inner ring road.
The old bear pit on Cardigan Road in Headingley. It would be viewed from the turrets above the pit, with visitors climbing spiral stairs to access the platform.
A view under the Queen's Hotel in the city centre.
A two-mile stretch Meanwood Beck is culverted as it runs through the city centre, and a series of subterranean tunnels carry the stream underneath roads, the bus station and the railway.