Meet the six-year-old and two-year-old Leeds budding entrepreneurs selling out of products across West Yorkshire

Two Leeds youngsters are hoping to thrive in the business world - despite their tender ages of just SIX and TWO-years-old.

By Daniel Sheridan
Monday, 30th December 2019, 11:45 am
Prince and VerityOfori-Kuragu
Prince and VerityOfori-Kuragu

Prince and Verity Ofori-Kuragu have both set up small businesses with the help of their mother Britta - selling products at markets and fairs across West Yorkshire.

Prince - who named his business 'Plush Playsoap' - hand-makes solid hand wash soap for children with dinosaur and unicorn toys inside them.

The soap encourages children to wash their hands without any fuss and has gone down a storm with customers - including parents who believe the sensory aspect of the soap helps with children with autism.

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Prince and VerityOfori-Kuragu with their mother Britta

Verity’s business - ‘Beyoutiful Identity by Verity’ - is one in which, alongside her mother, she uses African fabric to make gorgeous hair accessories.

She also has a doll set called ‘Baby Verity’ which has been 'very popular and well received'.

Their mother Britta said: "In February 2019, five-and-a-half year old Prince and I agreed to learn a craft together.

"We settled on soap-making after we had done some research.

Prince at the Christmas fair

"He suggested that we put some toys inside them to make them exciting, so we ordered everything we needed and on Saturday 23rd February, we took to the kitchen and created our very first soaps.

"The next day was Sunday and we took the soaps to our church, Colton Methodist Church, one of the nicest and friendliest churches in Leeds.

"The soaps came in so useful for hand washing during ‘Junior Church’, after the children made and painted some origami hearts.

"Everyone talked about what a brilliant idea the soaps were."

PlushPlay soap

Britta said Prince received incredible feedback on his idea.

She added: "After that wonderful feedback, we made some more samples and gave them as gifts to friends and neighbours.

"People then started asking if they could place an order for some soaps.

"I had to take the time to explain to Prince what this meant – that it means he’s starting his very own business and it would require some hard work, but I would be there to help him through it all and he would get to make some extra pocket money.

Verity's products

"Prince seemed happy with the idea and I helped identify the packaging, design the logo and labels to put together a product that would bring value to his customers.

"We agreed to name his little business ‘Plush Playsoap by Prince’."

In December, Prince and Verity set up a stall at a Christmas Gift and Craft Fair in Wakefield.

One soap product completely sold out and two other products were an item each from selling out.

Britta said: "The feedback regarding the soaps have been very positive.

"A few mothers have told us how brilliant the soap is for sensory play for their children living with autism, others have told us how much stress the soap has taken away from coaxing their young children to wash their hands and some mothers have also expressed how inspirational this venture is for them."

Prince also donates some of his products to his school to help them raise funds.

Verity and her mother share a love of fabrics and vibrant colours.

After being given a doll as a youngster - which Verity believed looked like her - she became interested in accessories.

Britta added: "Verity does a great job of picking and choosing which fabric we should use.

"Not only does she love wearing the accessories, but she also loves putting some in Baby Verity’s hair.

"That is how Verity’s business ‘Beyoutiful Identity by Verity’ was born.

"‘Baby Verity’ comes wearing a gorgeous African jumpsuit and we provide colour co-ordinating hair accessories to provide children with endless fun styling that gorgeous Afro hair.

"We have received so much amazing feedback.

"It has truly been a wonderful experience so far learning and growing with Prince and Verity and helping to cultivate their unique interests and authenticity.

"As a family, we are thankful for opportunity to make a difference to other people’s lives and to our community."

Prince dreams of being able to supply the NHS with his products one day, while Britta hopes Verity's doll will be used in play schemes and other nursery settings to teach children about diversity.