Lewis Capaldi went drinking in Call Lane after massive Roundhay Park show with Ed Sheeran

Gem Breen with Lewis Capaldi (Credit: Gemma Breen / Instagram).
Gem Breen with Lewis Capaldi (Credit: Gemma Breen / Instagram).
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Lewis Capaldi went out drinking in Call Lane after supporting Ed Sheeran at his massive Roundhay Park gig.

The Scottish singer was snapped by several excited fans in Oporto, where Capaldi played his first Leeds headline show in 2017.

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Gem Breen spotted the 22-year-old at the back of the bar on Saturday after the second of his two support slots at Rounday Park.

"He was just sat at the back or the bar having a quiet drink with a few others," said Gem, a business development manager.

"He was so lovely and more than happy to pose for a picture," added Gem, 34, who had been to the Saturday show.

"It's great music and I find him hilarious," she added. "He’s a great personality to watch on social media."

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Capaldi posted on Instagram: "Night before last went down to the bar that i played ma first headline show at in Leeds, there were 80 of us about 16 months ago, night after that got to walk out opening for the boi @teddysphotos (Ed Sheeran) to nearly 80,000 of u.

"None of this will ever feel any less surreal, thank u all for coming down early!! will never forget these 2 nights."

Earlier on Saturday, Capaldi delivered Deliveroo takeaways to lucky Leeds punters who entered a competition.