The Leeds United Tube Map: Everything you need to know about the football club in creator's best seller

A man has created a tube map with all the information from over the years about Leeds United in the style of the London Underground - and this football club's map is his best seller.

By Immy Share
Wednesday, 17th February 2021, 4:45 pm
Mike Cochrane's 'The Super Whites Tube Map' (photo: Mike Cochrane - Etsy)

Mike Cochrane has made 38 tube-style maps in total for a multitude of different football clubs and areas across the UK.

And, the 53-year-old said that his Leeds United creation is his best selling one.

Each map takes the father-of-two around six weeks to make, with each 'tube line' on this map representing a decade in history about the 'Super Whites'.

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Mike has revealed snippets of the London Underground style map (photos: Mike Cochrane - Etsy)

Mike said: "The Leeds United map starts with Leeds City which was the city's football team before Leeds United came about in 1919.

"Then, it goes through decade by decade with all the players and the managers along the way.

"It indicates all the trophies they've won and has the team's latest promotion on there too.

"It's definitely my most popular map and I'm not just saying that - I think it's because the map is newly updated, the team is doing well, and the more you put out there about a team the more people buy it."

Mike also made sure that the map was updated with latest Leeds legend Marcelo Bielsa.

The map has small circle symbols on each line to replicate the exact design of the London Underground maps.

Mike begins by drawing his maps with pencil, shortening or lengthening each line depending on how much information needs to fit onto it.

He added: "Tube map drawings actually started as a bit of fun and I started with the village where I live in Lymm near Warrington.

"I thought, let's see what happens and it sold that well that I thought about what other things I can do - and then I came up with the football idea.

"I've done other major clubs like Manchester United, Manchester City, Everton and Liverpool - but I'm actually a Cardiff supporter!

"Something that started as a joke has turned into a living as I do this now instead of my old job as a human resources consultant.

"I've always liked maps and I've always liked sport and I hope one day that my kids grow up to admire me for the talent that I am.

"At the moment I would sarcastically say that they're really impressed with everything their father does..."

Mike decides all the colours and inputs all the players and trophies in chosen fonts into computer software before "treble checking the maps" until he is "bored of them".

The maps then go to the printers and are sold on his website and on popular small-business seller Etsy.