Leeds trolleybus scheme could lead to rise in house prices

How a trolleybus might look in Leeds City Square.
How a trolleybus might look in Leeds City Square.
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The planned trolleybus network in Leeds has been cited as one of the reasons property prices could rise in the city.

House prices look set to soar by five per cent by late 2014.

Sites along the planned £250m trolleybus scheme, which include Bodington, Holt Park, Stourton and Quarry Hill, have been dubbed as an “investment tip” in the Daily Telegraph.

NGT’s Route One will run between Holt Park in north Leeds and Stourton to the south of the city, near the M1/M621 intersection.

With around 2,000 park and ride spaces in total, the route runs along the A660 through Lawnswood, Headingley and Hyde Park, past the universities and the new Leeds Arena into the city centre via Park Row, City Square and the rail station before heading south via Clarence Dock and Hunslet to Stourton.

Metro director general Kieran Preston said: “It is generally accepted that the introduction of a rapid transit scheme like NGT has an immediate effect on property prices along the route.

“This increase in value of people’s homes is in addition to increased levels of inward investment.”

The scheme is expected to be completed by 2018.

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