Leeds trolleybus ‘could save commuters two hours a week’

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Commuters could save more than two hours of travel time each week thanks to the Leeds trolleybus scheme, experts have claimed.

Analysis shows that morning journeys by trolleybus into the city centre from the New Generation Transport (NGT) network’s Bodington park and ride site will be 14 minutes quicker than current bus trips on the route. Evening rush-hour journeys back out northwards from the city centre to Bodington will take 12 minutes less than today’s equivalent trip by bus, according to transport consultants Steer Davies Gleave.

For people working five days a week, those figures would mean a combined reduction of two hours 10 minutes on the road.

Steer Davies Gleave also say commuters travelling between the city centre and the system’s Stourton park and ride site in the south can expect a weekly reduction in journey times of 50 minutes if they ditch the bus for NGT.

The consultants carried out the research on behalf of Metro, West Yorkshire’s publicly-funded passenger transport authority.

Metro and Leeds City Council are spearheading the NGT project, which is due to be up-and-running in 2020.

The figures were revealed as NGT won praise from the owner of Leeds city centre’s New Dock attraction, formerly known as Clarence Dock.

Allied London chief executive Mike Ingall said: “It is absolutely vital the private sector gets behind this project and gives it their full support as the benefits to all communities and stakeholders are huge.”

As reported by the Yorkshire Evening Post last week, part of the NGT system will run on a new public transport-only ‘corridor’ from the Parkinson Steps at the University of Leeds into the city centre.

However, campaigners have claimed the £250m scheme will offer “pitiful” value for money while Leeds East MP George Mudie has condemned the plans as “unambitious”.

* A series of engagement events are being held for people wanting to find out more about the trolleybus scheme.

The first event will take place from 5.30pm to 7.30pm next Wednesday, June 26, at Bennett Road’s Headingley Enterprise and Arts Centre. For details about other dates, visit the www.ngtmetro.com website. WHAT DO YOU THINK? Click here to register and have your say on the stories and issues that matter to you