Leeds or Bradford? ‘Change my postcode’ plea

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Tajinder and Sukhy Uppal are spearheading a campaign to get their Bradford postcode changed to a Leeds one.

The couple live in Tyersal, which has a BD4 postcode.

But they and their neighbours pay their taxes to Leeds City Council.

However when, as a recent new arrival in the area, Mrs Uppal wanted to register with a doctor in Pudsey, she was told she couldn’t because of her Bradford postcode. She feels this is unfair.

The area has been the subject of historic boundary changes. It joined Bradford in 1882 but became part of the Leeds metropolitan district in 1974.

Pudsey MP Stuart Andrew is backing the Uppals and their neighbours in their campaign, and is lobbying Royal Mail - which dictates postcodes - on the issue.

Mrs Uppal, 34, said: “We pay our rates to Leeds but have a Bradford postcode.

“This causes us problems when we want to use Leeds services.

“By rights we should be LS27. Royal Mail has caused this issue but they won’t change it.”

Postcodes are set by Royal Mail and are used as an operational tool to help with deliveries. They have little to do with official council boundaries, but can often dictate house prices and car insurance premiums.

Tyersal is only a couple of miles from Bradford proper, but eight miles from Leeds central.

A quick search on the Zoopla website reveals a three-bedroom semi-detached house in the BD4 postcode for sale for £89.000. A similar house in LS27 retails for close to £140,000.

MP Mr Andrew said he “absolutely” supports the bid, adding: “I know how frustrating it is”.

He said he is now hoping to gather anecdotal evidence from residents and will present a dossier to the postal operator.

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