Leeds lockdown social media star Danny Malin pays heartbreaking tribute to 'irreplaceable' girlfriend after sudden tragic death

A social media star from Leeds has paid tribute to his 'irreplaceable' girlfriend after she suffered a cardiac arrest suddenly in his arms in February this year.
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Danny Malin from Leeds, went viral on Facebook after posting a video that his girlfriend Carrie recorded of him ranting about Covid during the first lockdown.

It snowballed from then and he built a social media following with his takeaway reviews and coronavirus commentaries which all featured Carrie laughing in the background.

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In February, Carrie, aged 40, suddenly felt unwell and told Danny she wanted to go to bed, and as he helped her into their bedroom she suffered a cardiac arrest - falling back into his arms.

Danny Malin and his girlfriend Carrie who died suddenly in February after a cardiac arrestDanny Malin and his girlfriend Carrie who died suddenly in February after a cardiac arrest
Danny Malin and his girlfriend Carrie who died suddenly in February after a cardiac arrest

She was taken to hospital and tragically died the following day on February 23 - before the couple had had the chance to marry as planned this year.

Danny described Carrie as a 'wonderful, bright and loving person' who he will 'never be able to replace' in a heartbreaking tribute.

The 41-year-old said: "Carrie was an instrumental part of my funny videos which we started to put a smile on people's faces during a tough time.

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"We were helping people and I didn't mind taking the mick out of myself if I knew that we were doing good for others.

"Carrie never wanted to be on camera but was always in the background asking me questions, and because she didn't know what I was going to say, her distinctive laugh was always genuine and people loved it.

"That summed up our whole relationship - we were always laughing and always having fun.

"In fact, when we were first together we were described as chalk and cheese and one person even asked her what she was doing with someone like me.

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"Her response was that it's not just about what someone looks like and that she wanted happiness and I made her laugh."

Danny and Carrie had been together for 13 years, and have a son, George, and daughter, Summer, together, in addition to Carrie's son Jacob.

Since starting his funny videos, Danny has travelled around the country for work - including being scouted as a host for Rate My Takeaway video content.

He has posted around 35 of his own rants, and has also since worked with Malcolm Michael's Butchers in Leeds for charity including Christmas toys for children and clothes for the homeless.

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He said that the videos changed his and Carrie's lives, and that the growing fame was surreal as more and more people got to know them.

Danny added: "We were supposed to be going to Vegas last year for a wedding and we thought it'd be funny if we got Elvis to marry us at the chapel when we were there and we had planned it all out as a funny video.

"We were so happy together and so lovey dovey that we would then have had a proper service when we got back for the children.

"That would have been a memory that would have lasted forever to go with all the memories of how happy we were - like all the holidays we've been on and everything we've done together."

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When the Las Vegas trip was cancelled due to coronavirus restrictions, the pair had decided that they would still get married in Leeds this year.

Danny and Carrie had been putting money into Carrie's Morley beauty business, Lush Nail and Beauty, for the past few years and so had postponed any marriage plans previously due to the expense.

Carrie's clients described her as 'not just a beautician, but a friend and confident too' in messages and tributes sent to Danny after she had died.

Danny said: "Some of the comments that have come from her customers have been so overwhelming to hear.

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"They said that Carrie was like a counsellor and I've received so many messages from people that have said Carrie helped them through tough times, marriages, or break-ups.

"I never knew these things because she never burdened anyone else with her problems but she carried the world on her shoulders and helped as many people as she could along the way.

"It's messages like these, and my children, that have helped me through this so I just want to say thank you to absolutely everyone who has supported me and helped me get through this difficult time.

"I really do appreciate it, on behalf of the kids too."

Danny said that their children have a lot of qualities of their mum's and that their daughter Summer especially is very similar to Carrie.

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He added: "I try not to get upset in front of the kids as much now, but if I do, Summer tells me that mum wouldn't want me like this and I need to battle on.

"I then tell her the same when she's upset and we get each other through it."

Morley Knights Rugby club has created a GoFundMe page to help Danny and the children with the funeral cost implications and more to ensure they are supported.

This was 'beyond expectation' for Danny and he said he couldn't thank the club enough for how much they have helped him.

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He added: "Carrie would have been flabbergasted with how many people have cared about her and how overwhelming everyone's support has been - so thank you to each and every person.

"I'll never replace Carrie - she was such a wonderful, bright and loving person.

"You don't realise how much someone is missed and what amazing stuff they've achieved until something like this happens."