Leeds coffee shop creates doughnut to raise money for refugees available ONLY this weekend

The 'Have Heart' doughnut, made by Temple Coffee in Leeds. Picture: Temple Coffee
The 'Have Heart' doughnut, made by Temple Coffee in Leeds. Picture: Temple Coffee
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A popular Leeds coffee shop has created a doughnut with a heart made from something other than jam and cream.

Temple Coffee and Donuts in Burley is well known for its incredible latte art and brightly-coloured baked treats.

Temple Coffee at Burley Court, Burley. Picture: SWNS

Temple Coffee at Burley Court, Burley. Picture: SWNS

But in an honest and open post on their Instagram account, the business has revealed a one-off doughnut made exclusively to support migrant and refugee families torn apart in camps in the United States.

The 'Have Heart' doughnut is named after the Massachussetts punk band ahead of their Leeds gig at the weekend. The band are famously outspoken on the issue of refugees.

Temple Coffee have made the Boston cream pie doughnut in tribute to the band, and say the proceeds will all go to the same cause.

With chocolate icing and a cream filling, the tasty treat bears a logo saying: "Separating migrant children from their families is a human rights violation."

Writing on Instagram, Temple said "we are not Starbucks and we’re not your average coffee shop that just cares about a perfect roast".

They said: "In solidarity to their message and their gig in Leeds this coming Sunday, we are selling the ‘HAVE HEART’ Boston Cream donut - with ALL proceeds going to Unicef to help refugee and migrant families.

"As business owners it can sometimes be very difficult to have a voice on social media, having a broad audience means we are more often than not met with a lot of negativity when it comes to trying to raise awareness for positive and/or political issues.

"We will voice our opinions and we stand by our agenda. We will not stand on a silent platform. We are not a company trying to virtue signal or appear “woke” as a marketing tactic to sell something to the kids. We are the kids....we just got a little older."

The move follows a doughnut made by the shop earlier this year emblazoned with Piers Morgan's face, following the TV presenter's on-screen rant about Greggs offering vegan sausage rolls.

The green and blue iced vegan doughnut was a tongue-in-cheek mocking move which again saw proceeds donated to Unicef, as the shop claimed it made an example of the "real things that matter".

The 'Have Heart' doughnut will be available at Temple on Sunday.