Jelly Tots inventor honoured for helping others

DEDICATED: Dr Brian Boffey has spent his life helping others.
DEDICATED: Dr Brian Boffey has spent his life helping others.
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he has pushed wheelchairs up mountains and accidentally discovered a popular children’s sweet.

Over the last four decades Dr Brian Boffey has dedicated his life to caring for others by driving hundreds of thousands of miles in a mini bus.

The Horsforth scientist, who invented popular sweet treat Jelly Tots, has driven the length and breadth of the country and around the world to help others.

Now his efforts have been recognised after he was presented with the prestigious Good Citizen award by Horsforth Town Council.

Dr Boffey used to drive the lifeline Horsforth Mini Bus Fund across the town for 15 years and still continues to volunteer driving minibuses for the NHS.

Dr Boffey said: “I love taking people out on trips.

“If I had another life I would come back as a courier.

“I’ve pushed wheelchairs up mountains but the award has made it all worthwhile for all those years of traipsing about in the snow and rain.

“It was just wonderful to get an award.”

The 77-year-old was working as a young research scientist at Rowntrees at York when he invented popular children’s sweet Jelly Tots during the ’60s.

At the time he was trying to come up with a way to produce a powdered jelly that set instantly when it was added to cold water.

He thought that the droplets were just waste but within weeks the novel sweet was being sold in shops across the country.

Brian, who has been married to Sylvia for 51 years with three grown-up sons, later travelled to Chicago to work with NASA on their attempts to freeze dry food for the Apollo space missions.

Dr Boffey added: “Ladies come up to me and either slap my face for saying that I ruined Tommy’s teeth or will say that I kept their daughters happy for years with Jelly Tots.”

Joan Relph, who is an active member of Horsforth in Bloom, and Jan Hardy, the postmistress at Alexandra Road Post Office, were also presented with Good Citizen awards at a previous town council meeting.