Homeless man who pleaded for job in Leeds given chance to transform life by car wash owner

A homeless man who pleaded for a job in Leeds on a piece of cardboard has been given the chance to transform his life by a generous car wash owner.

Thursday, 16th September 2021, 4:45 pm
Hundreds of kind-hearted Leeds residents offered Phil gifts.

A photo of Phil Berkshire, 45, went viral on social media, with hundreds sharing his sign he set up outside Tesco in Roundhay where he used to sit.

Hundreds of kind-hearted Leeds residents offered Phil gifts.

However, one thoughtful car wash owner decided to take a chance on Phil and gave him work earlier this week.

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Phil has since grafted daily and was praised by the owner - who was too humble to be named - when he spoke to the YEP.

Phil has even had a haircut, shower and accommodation given to him and it is hoped he is now set to transform his life.

The owner said: "I spotted Phil on social media after the post went wild.

"I met him and he came to the car wash.

"I just want him to be able to make something of his life.

"He has been a big help [at the car wash] and has really grafted.

"I told him we are not here to pity him, he is seen as an employee and just like everyone else.

"He is now our member of staff."

The owner said many kind Leeds residents had been down to the car wash to offer gifts, cash and clothing to get Phil on his feet.

Speaking to the YEP, Phil said the job had given him a "purpose to get up and go to work."

He added: “It’s hard work and it’s not as easy as you think - it’s not just washing a car, there’s a lot more involved in it.

"It’s changed my life because it’s money that I didn’t have. I won’t have to do anything else like going out begging.

“They’ve given me this opportunity and I’m over the moon that he even took the time to come out to see me.

“It’s a lot for him to give me the job, because he’s got to take a risk to give it to me.”

Phil said the post about him had gone viral and the support from people had been “overwhelming."

He added: "It’s a lot to take in.”