Guide dog for 93-year-old veteran rushed to vets by Yorkshire Animal Ambulance after swallowing whole Christmas cake

A guide dog for a 93-year-old veteran was rushed to vets by Yorkshire Animal Ambulance - after swallowing a WHOLE CHRISTMAS CAKE.

By Daniel Sheridan
Friday, 20th December 2019, 11:45 am

Six-year-old Labrador Woody stole a foot long Christmas cake complete with cling film while accompanying his owner Derek at a Veterans Christmas Meal.

Derek, a war veteran described as the 'salt of the earth', had gone to get his coat and left Woody in a room where he helped himself to the festive treat - including clingfilm and greaseproof paper.

Thankfully for Woody, quick-thinking Derek realised and called the vets, who called transport service Yorkshire Animal Ambulance to attend.

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Derek and Woody cc Yorkshire Animal Ambulance

Woody was rushed to Calder Vets in Huddersfield where he was given an injection to force him to vomit the raisins, sultanas and paper he had swallowed.

Yorkshire Animal Ambulance said without the intervention from Derek, the situation could have been much worse.

They added: "It was such a good job that Derek spoke to the vets and we got him there as Woody could've been very very poorly and the clingfilm would've had to be surgically removed."

Woody had swallowed almost 500g of cake, vets discovered.

cc Yorkshire Animal Ambulance

After an hour at the vets, Derek and Woody were safely returned home safe and comfortable.

Derek even had a mince pie for his evening snack following the drama.

Yorkshire Animal Ambulance said Derek was a 'true inspiration' and called Woody a 'legend' for looking after him.