Generous barber offers to donate takings to Leeds 31-year-old cancer victim's family

A generous barber has offered to donate his takings from a day next week to support the family of a 31-year-old woman who tragically died of breast cancer.

Tuesday, 28th September 2021, 4:45 pm

Sinead Richards found a lump on her breast in late 2019 but put off visiting the doctors for two months due to apprehension, her husband Liam McDonagh, 32, told the YEP.

When she visited the doctors in early 2020, nothing was initially discovered as Sinead - from Stanningley - was believed to be 'too young' to suffer from breast cancer.

However, Liam urged Sinead to persist and return to the surgery - where it was found that she had advanced Stage Four breast cancer.

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Raj from Bladez, Stanningley

The devastating diagnosis left Sinead - described by Liam as "a living angel" - with an 18-month battle against the condition as it spread throughout her body.

Tragically, Sinead died on September 10, less than a month after her wedding to Liam in August.

She also leaves behind her two daughters - Paige aged seven and Georgie aged ten - described as 'mummy's girls' by Liam.

Now, brave Liam is seeking to raise awareness of breast cancer and urged Leeds residents to get checked if they notice anything suspicious.

Liam McDonagh and Sinead Richards

Paying an emotional tribute to his "lovely" wife and partner of more than 12 years, Liam said: "It has had a huge impact on our lives.

"She was amazing, she was such a lovely person.

"Nobody she ever met had a bad word to say about her, everyone loved her.

"It is just so tragic.

"When we were in the hospital, people would give us a second glance as they couldn't believe how young we were.

"She was only 31, we couldn't believe it.

"I just want to show that this can happen to anyone and urge people to get checked if they ever notice anything."

A fundraiser has been launched on GoFundMe to support the family.

More than £7,000 has been raised towards the costs of a funeral and to support Liam and their two girls.

The fundraising page can be viewed by clicking here.Raj, a barber at Bladez Stanningley, has offered to donate his takings from Wednesday October 6 to the family.

Speaking to the YEP, Liam said he was "blown away" by his act of generosity.

Liam added: "He has been my barber for 11 years nearly now.

"I have got a lot of time for Raj.

"Every time I ever go in the shop, the first thing he asks is how my family is doing.

"That is what good friends do.

"He is a great guy who I respect a lot."

A funeral service for Sinead will take place on October 7 at St. Thomas's Church on Stanningley Road.