'Demolition Therapy' coming soon to Leeds to let residents take out anger on electricals using hammers and axes

A new 'Demolition Therapy' service is heading to Leeds - with residents able to take their anger out on electricals using hammers, axes and other weapons.

By Daniel Sheridan
Wednesday, 25th August 2021, 4:45 pm

ElectricalDirect is launching the new service to help residents with "pent-up" stress following multiple pandemic lockdowns.

For £50, two people can have a 30 minute session "smashing up consoles and getting revenge", the company said.

Visitors will be able to choose a weapon including hammers, bricks, axes and mallets to smash up the electricals.

A new 'Demolition Therapy' service is heading to Leeds

Gaming consoles, TVs, laptops and keyboards are all among the 'smashables' on offer.

The exact locations for the service are yet to be revealed.

Dominick Sandford, Director of ElectricalDirect said: "It's been a stressful eighteen months for all of us, and most of us have been adversely affected at one point or another.

"While technology may have helped alleviate boredom, connect and entertain us during this time, at points, it certainly added to frustrations, as dodgy connections, people on mute, and endless screen time in lieu of human interaction added to already stressful situations.

A new 'Demolition Therapy' service is heading to Leeds

"At ElectricalDirect, although electrical goods are our bread and butter, we recognise this reality, and wanted to do something fun about it.

"Thus - Demolition therapy was born.”

All 'smashables' used in Demolition Therapy are devices that are unusable to avoid unnecessary wastage, the company said.

The new service from ElectricalDirect is coming soon to Leeds, Nottingham, Liverpool, Cardiff, Newcastle, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and Glasgow.