City to host Leeds In Motion street festival as part of World Triathlon Series event

George Orange Man on the Moon effect will be at Leeds In Motion.
George Orange Man on the Moon effect will be at Leeds In Motion.
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A street festival is taking place in Leeds to coincide with the city hosting the World Triathlon Series next month.

Leeds in Motion will be free to attend and focused around Briggate and Victoria Gardens in the city centre when the World Triathlon Series stops off in the city on Saturday, June 8 and Sunday, June 9.

It will consist of a combination of walk about pieces, static shows and parades, featuring circus, music, dance and theatre to entertain spectators of the race and passers-by.

The majority of these acts will feature over the course of the weekend (from Midday – 6pm) some are specifically on the Sunday only.

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What music can I expect to enjoy at Leeds In Motion?

King Brasstards: New Orleans Street Band, a seven piece roaming band.

Leeds Samba Band Unidos do Ritmo: Around 20-25 performers, combination of static and parade, There will also be a dance workshop which is open to members of the public and free for them to participate in.

Punjabi Roots: A combination of Band Banja , fusion of Indian drummers and English Brass players and or Bangrha Mascots.

What walkabout pieces can Leeds In Motion crowds enjoy?

Adjudicators by Swank Theatre: ‘Miss Timed’ and ‘Miss Judged’ are two firm but fair sports-day adjudicators. Impeccably dressed and determined to keep all fun and games in order, their clipped horse race style commentary is witty and razor sharp. A range of daft time trials and silly races are backed by live tannoy announcements, score cards and ridiculous medal ceremonies. Everything is a race and a challenge and everyone is encouraged to go for gold.

Sporting Stars, Track and Field: With their powerskip stilts enabling these giant bouncing characters to reach impressive heights of one metre off the ground, these absurdly athletic characters have already represented and won gold for their countries. Attempt a butterfly stroke with the swimmers; test your endurance against the weightlifters or dare yourself to compete against the runners in a 100m sprint.

Cuthbert Clott by Robin Fox: Cuthbert is a big fan of penny farthings and from the age of 5 has competed in several major races around the world. He is yet to actually win a race but is convinced he can smell his victory just around the corner.

Sports Day by Bread and Butter Theatre Company: 1980’s PE teachers, Mr Stretch and Mr Armstrong are always firm but fair. They are on a mission to get

the nation fit using only their enthusiasm, a roving musical pommel horse and some PE kits rescued from the lost and found locker. Remember it’s not about the taking part, it’s the winning that counts!

Sports Guide by Fair Play: Always bursting with knowledge, history and statistics, our all action sport guides will walk you around the sporting arena that you didn’t even know existed. Hanging a variety of sports related signs as they go, our Guides will make pram racing and lamp post leaning the most talked about events of the day.

Comedy Bikes by Solo Circus: Just in case you can’t comprehend a stilts bike, the Solo Circus stilts bike is a converted 15 speed mountain bike. The seat and handle bars have been extended to approximately 6 feet high and it’s ridden whilst wearing a pair of stilts!

What about static performances at Leeds In Motion?

First Person by Zest Theatre: Two players enter the labyrinth of a virtual world and compete for the ultimate prize: happiness. The first person to complete the game and find happiness is the winner! It’s that easy. All they need to do is follow the voice of the unseen guide and they’ll be just fine. But in our harsh world of winners and losers, is the guide aiding their journey or relishing in their demise. First Person is a quirky fusion of fast paced narrative, physical theatre and silent disco technology.

Man on the Moon by George Orange: George Orange is an eccentric clown and slack-rope dancer from Chicago. He has come via the moon, and brought a bit of it with him. The half-moon slack rope rig forms a perfect centre-piece to any street or square and will attract interest before the show even begins. George enters the area performing clever comedy and circus routines to music including contortionism and bottle balancing. The tricks increase in size over the course of the show building up to a spectacular finale when the audience helps him in his aim to walk the rope across the moon.

Jason Maverick Solo Show: High-energy shows for street events or cabaret which are set almost entirely to music, combining superb mime and robotics with a huge range of circus skills including ball, club and contact juggling, clown and physical theatre. Jason is a unique performer who can animate any space and captivate any crowd. He develops a particularly special rapport with younger members of the audience, reducing them to hysterics with the slightest of movements. He is also one of those rare performers who can appeal to teenagers, as the pace of the show is fast and his skills are at the highest level.

NOTE: The performance times may vary and acts can be subject to change, accurate,.