Career boost for Leeds’ own Carolynne Poole

Carolynne Poole performs for the judging panel on The X Factor.
Carolynne Poole performs for the judging panel on The X Factor.
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Gary Barlow called her “supremely talented” and threatened to quit The X Factor after she was controversially kicked off the 2012 series.

But Leeds lass Carolynne Poole has put all that behind her and is now forging ahead with her own career, launching her debut single next month with an album and tour hot on its heels.

The 34-year-old from Bramley said: “I don’t regret taking part in X Factor, but I have moved on.”

But Carolynne is no stranger to the talent competition and 2012 was the second time she had appeared in X Factor. The first time she was on Louis Walsh’s team and was criticised for not connecting emotionally with her audience.

But little did people know that at the time she was coping with failed IVF and marriages troubles.

She said: “It was ironic I was criticised for lack of emotion when inside I was going through so much. We had been trying for a baby and IVF had failed, my marriage had failed and I just felt like a failure.

“And then I went on The X Factor and went as far as judges’ houses and I felt even more like a failure. But when I went back in 2012 I was in a better place. I felt much more ready for it. I went in with my eyes open. It is what it is.”

After the X Factor Carolynne decided she wanted to fulfil her dream and head to the heart and soul of country music, Nashville.

Carolynne will head back to Nashville to perform at one of the many country music festivals in June this year, plus she is excited to release her first record in the UK, I Love You But Shut Up, featuring Albert Lee.