Can you help poor little Minnie after the four month old puppy was found on a Yorkshire travellers site?

Little Minnie was just ten weeks old when she was found on a travellers site in need of specialist surgery to repair deformities to her back legs, knee joints and tibia.

Only ten weeks old when she was found by kind-hearted dog-lovers, this little bundle of joy is living life to the full... but needs your help.

After being referred to a specialist vet in Manchester, volunteers with Animal Aid UK were told Minnie had been born with Angular Limb Deformity and would require costly treatment to have her bones and limbs corrected.

Even an initial scan will cost £1,500, and once the scan has been completed, it is estimated that a further £8,000 will be needed for the operation itself.

Minnie was just ten weeks old when she was found on a travellers site and is in need of specialist surgery

A Facebook group has been set up by the charity called 'For The Love Of Minnie' to promote awareness in an attempt to raise the £9,500 needed.

Alison Gibson, Founder of Animal Aid UK said: "I am so grateful to everyone that has donated and to the people that have donated items for us to auction.

"There are some amazing people out there that think Minnie deserves a chance.

"She is full of life and not in any pain but as she grows it will start to become painful and debilitating if she doesn't have the operations needed.

"Obviously we have a long way to go before we have raised what we need for her operation but extremely grateful for every penny."

"Sadly we are a very small charity and every penny we raise for our charity is not easy to come by.

"The pandemic knocked us for six as we couldn't hold any events to raise money.

"If we had a lot more funds we would pay for her treatment ourselves, but unfortunately we have only been able to donate £300 as we have other animals needing our help too."

If you can help in any way, any donations, no matter how big or small they are, would be greatly appreciated.