A West Yorkshire Police firearms team went all-female for 24 hours this week

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West Yorkshire Police had 24 hours this week where all on-call firearms commanders were female - a first in its history - according to a Leeds inspector.

Spontaneous firearms commander Inspector Tanya Wilkins said how all commanders covering critical and firearms-related incidents between Tuesday and Wednesday night were female.

The feat is being considered a victory by many West Yorkshire Police staff.

Inspector Wilkins, who is based at Pudsey, tweeted on Wednesday evening to say: "Think this is the first time in West Yorkshire Police history. 24 hours of all female spontaneous firearms commanders covering all critical and firearms incidents for the force. #femalesinfirearms"

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She added: "Women are under represented within firearms and it's never happened that all the firearm commanders are female. It's celebrating that we have made progress in women working within firearms which has been typically dominated by men."

Gender split within West Yorkshire Police is virtually 50-50 when it comes to proportionately representing the county's population.

Stock image of female armed officer. Picture: PA

Stock image of female armed officer. Picture: PA

Data from official UK police database police.uk claims 50.8% of its workforce is female, and 49.2% is male.

However, when it comes to higher rankings within the force, representation is still in favour of men. Only 27.9% of sergeants, 30.5% of inspectors and 25.6% of chief inspectors and higher-ranking members are female.