A Doncaster chip shop is selling deep fried MINCE PIES this Christmas

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If a mince pie is one of your traditional Christmas food treats, a Doncaster chip shop is set to serve them with a twist this festive season – by deep frying them!

Fish Bits in Carr House Road has announced that the pies – fried and coated in crisp batter – will soon be going on sale, both to takeaway and restaurant customers.

Fish Bits is serving up deep fried mince pies.

Fish Bits is serving up deep fried mince pies.

Normally served up with a dollop of cream, diners will be able to tuck into the festive favourites after munching down their fish, chips and mushy peas.

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Announcing the quirky dish on Facebook, a post said: “We’ve been experimenting in our kitchen today, cooking up some festive favourites to tantalise your taste buds!

Coming soon to both the restaurant and takeaway – deep fried mince pies!”

Customers will get two served with custard or ice cream in the restaurant priced at £2.95.

In the takeaway, diners will be able to get two served with ice cream for £1.99.

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The art of deep frying unusual foods comes from Scotland, where chip shops regularly serve up weird and wonderful treats coated in batter.

Popular delicacies north of the border include deep fried Mars Bars, deep fried creme eggs and one particular dish which involves wrapping a saveloy sasuage in bacon and doner kebab meat before deep frying the whole lot.

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