15 adorable rescue puppies and dogs in desperate need of a home in Leeds

These adorable rescue pups and dogs are all desperately seeking a permanent, loving new home in Leeds.

Friday, 5th July 2019, 5:04 pm
These adorable rescue pups and dogs are all desperately seeking a permanent, loving new home in Leeds

The puppies and dogs are currently in the care of Dogs Trust Leeds, with many coming from tragic backgrounds. If you are looking to welcome a four-legged friend into your home, the Trust will help you find your perfect match. Here are 15 pups that are currently in need of a forever home.

Tyrol is very playful and friendly with everyone he meets, but would benefit from some basic training. A secure garden would be best to allow him to play and explore, and he loves lots of attention. Breed: Staffordshire Cross.
Beethoven is a gentle giant who is looking for a home with owners who have experience of larger breeds. He is a very friendly dog and could potentially live with older children, or another quiet dog for company. Breed: St Bernard.

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Lola is very friendly with everyone she meets and loves playing chase with a tennis ball. She is looking for a home with owners around most of the time to help her settle and would be best as the only dog. Breed: Lab Cross.
River is very sweet and friendly, but can sometimes be a little worried. She is looking for owners who are around all the time to help her settle and would be best as the only pet in the home. Breed: Crossbreed.
Harley loves long walks and is an active and energetic pooch. He needs an adult only home and is in need of a little training, as he can be vocal around other dogs and doesn't like to be on his own. Breed: Siberian Husky.
Dolly is a sweet ex-racing Greyhound looking for patient owners who will give her time to adjust to new life. She is very gentle, calm and affectionate once she gets to know you, but needs to build her confidence. Breed: Greyhound.
He is a little shy at first, but Chumley soon warms up after a few treats and is looking for a home with his two friends Ginny and Jasmine. The threesome love exploring and are all completely devoted to each other. Breed: Pug.
Mitch is sweet and affectionate, and is looking for patient owners who can let him come around in his own time. He doesn't like being on his own and once he gets to know you, he will be your best friend. Breed: Staffordshire Cross.
Florence is a real lap dog who loves attention and going on walks. She can be worried by unfamiliar things and by men, so will need patient owners in a quieter home without too many comings and goings. Breed: Terrier - Bedlington.
Fun, lively and sociable, Buddy loves to interact once a relationship is built, but he is worried around unfamiliar people and takes time to build his trust. He requires an adult only home in a quiet environment. Breed: Chihuahua.
Mim loves long walks and being in the water, but can be worried around unfamiliar people, so will need a quiet adult only home. She is not on view at the centre, so interested owners will need to call ahead. Breed: Collie Cross.
Dave is an active dog who loves playing and being out on walks, so he needs owners who can keep him busy. He is currently living in a foster home, so those who are interested will need to contact the centre. Breed: Crossbreed.
Billy loves to be around people and would need his owners around all the time initially to keep him entertained. He will need multiple visits to build up a bond and will also need to sleep in the bedroom. Breed: Terrier Cross.
Snowy is a little shy to begin with but comes around with time, so he will need patient owners who will be around all the time to help him settle. He is house-trained and travels well, so would enjoy days out. Breed: Bichon Frise.
Missy prefers the quiet life, but is still very active. She is looking for home comforts and loves to be on the sofa. She is living in a foster home, so those interested should contact the centre. Breed: Staffordshire Cross.