The 13 darkest urban myths and ghost stories from Leeds history

Leeds is a city steeped in history with a whole host of magic myths and haunted tales.

Tuesday, 8th October 2019, 12:29 pm
The X darkest urban myths and legends from Leeds history

With Halloween fast approaching, we uncover 13 of the darkest urban legends and ghost stories from Leeds history. Which tale scares you the most?

A long flight of steps that led directly into the River Aire were known for years as 'Jenny White's Hole'. Legend has it that Jenny, who was devastated when her husband left her, walked straight into the river where she drowned.
The Blue Lady is said to be the ghost of 14-year-old Lady Mary Ingram, who was robbed of her precious pearls and entered a state of deliriousness, dying shortly after. She now haunts the halls, weeping and searching for her pearls.

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A brutal press gang, which enlisted soldiers, locked two men in the hayloft at the Crown & Fleece pub, but the men had disappeared by dawn. Their bodies were eventually found under hay where they had suffocated tried to keep warm.
Leeds Town Hall is said to be haunted by the ghost of Mary Blythe, who threw herself from the clock tower in 1876. Legend has it that the clock doesnt strike at midnight so the ghost doesnt wake up.
The lions outside Leeds Town Hall are the subject of another tale with different versions. One version is that if the bell ever struck 13, the lions would come to life and go on a killing spree around the city.
Servant Phoebe Gray was accidentally suffocated to death by a drunken admirer who jumped out from a dark staircase trying to kiss her. The story goes that screams can be heard from the cellar as Phoebe's ghost haunts the house.
In 1821 young carpenter David Brook was walking home along the tracks when he was hit by a train. There have been many reports of a ghost wandering along the tracks, dressed in a thick coat and shielding his eyes from the rain.
The former Abbot of the abbey walks the area that has been converted into a museum. Apparently it is more usual to hear the spirit moving around than see him.
Legend has it that a man killed himself at Carnegie College when he realised that his mistress would never love him. Apparently he still haunts the staircase where his body was found.
There are a number of ghosts that apparently haunt Leeds City Varieties music hall. One lady is said to play the piano late at night, while another creates a cloud of cold air as she walks through the stalls.
People have claimed that a ghost haunts Lumb Hall, a grade II listed property near Drighlington. Witnesses say the ghost is a figure dressed in Civil War uniform that makes a shuffling sound near the front door.
A not-so-dark urban myth regards John Harrison, a cloth merchant in Leeds in the 17th century. Apparently there were holes cut into every door and in the ceilings of his Briggate house, so that his cats could roam freely.