People power is helping Leeds-based Sky Bet get things done

Jo Edwards.
Jo Edwards.
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Jo Edwards, Head of People Operations at Leeds-based Sky Betting & Gaming, writes for Digital City on a productive way of working.

As a fast growth and mobile first technology company, Sky Betting & Gaming was born agile.

Our technology tribes are structured to follow goals, principles and values that enable them to be highly productive and responsive to customer needs.

As the company continues to scale, we are seeing this agile way of working overtake traditional management techniques even outside of our tech tribes.

In People Ops Squad, we wanted to ensure we didn’t start to rely on top-down, command and control-style campaigns as more people joined us and the team grew.

I wanted to sustain the productive ways we worked together and to challenge ourselves to aspire to a mindset where individuals are valued more than processes.

We now have People Ops embedded within each area of the business so we can tailor and adapt our programmes in a collaborative manner to better engage people.

The old sheep dip way was that leadership would identify something that needed to be done and people would attend a session and be told how to use it.

Now we cut away waste, work to our team’s strengths and build a good enough first iteration to take out to the business for feedback on how it works for them.

It was daunting. But now we have a clear idea of our capacity and what projects we can deliver in our ‘sprints’.

There are no boundaries in the team, we collaborate and can quickly identify bottlenecks.


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