Pensioner jailed over knife threat to security guard

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A PENSIONER who threatened a supermarket security guard with a knife has been sent to prison.

Peter Bateman, 68, was given an eight month sentence over the incident at the Tesco store in Seacroft.

Leeds Crown Court heard Bateman and another man were seen on CCTV taking items from the store at 2.30am and leaving without paying.

The security guard approached the two men and told them to come back into the store but Bateman threatened him.

Mehran Nassiri, prosecuting, said Bateman asked the guard what time he finished work. When he told him it was 7am, Bateman said: “I will guarantee you will be dead by then.” Bateman and the other man left but were seen causing trouble outside the store later that morning, at 5.45am.

When the guard approached them again Bateman swore at him and pulled out a 15cm blade.

Police were contacted and Bateman was found in possession of the weapon.

Bateman, of Wharfedale Court, Seacroft, pleaded guilty to possession of an offensive weapon. The court heard he has 10 previous convictions for 17 offences.

Narinder Rathour, mitigating, said Bateman’s offending was linked to alcohol misuse brought on by the breakdown of his marriage and losing his business.

Mr Rathour said Bateman struggled to cope after his wife left him and took their children away.

He said Bateman was homeless at the time of the offence. Jailing Bateman, Recorder David Dixon said: “I’m afraid the courts have to send a message out that people are not allowed to carry knives in the street.

“We often hear about people carrying knives under such circumstances and tragedies happening. Deterrent sentences have to be imposed.”

27 October 2017.
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