Peas, pinot and pilates perfection in Leeds

In the constant search during our busy city lives to balance fitness and fun, a dream workout which ticks both boxes is being trialled in Leeds on Thursday.

Tuesday, 1st May 2018, 8:40 am
Updated Tuesday, 1st May 2018, 8:41 am
BALANCE: A work out that takes on fitness and the finer things in life.

In a first of its kind, ‘Pea-lates and Pinot’ is a 45-minute work-out where wine-loving fitness fans can enjoy pea and lentil snacks and Pinot Grigio as part of the session, which has been developed by snack-brand Yushoi and a leading Pilates instructor.

This new exercise concept follows recent research by Yushoi, revealing millions of chocolate and wine lovers across the UK are hitting the gym to ‘earn’ the right to indulge in their favourite treats.

The study found 40 per cent said being able to eat what they want is the main reason they exercise and chocolate is the top post-gym treat.

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Wine was sixth on the list and people trained for 17 minutes to earn it.

Mike Walker, of Yushoi, said: “For some people, going to the gym or out for a run is something they love to do.

“Exercise can provide a place of sanctuary and release for people, but for others it’s something they just put up with in order to enjoy their social lives and diet.

“People put too much pressure on themselves, but life is about enjoyment and balancing what you enjoy and what’s good for you.

“We are launching our class as we want to encourage people to not take life too seriously and balance out something which is good for their health with a little bit of what they fancy.”

The first Pea-lates and Pinot class will be trialled on Thursday May 3 at the Northern Monk in Leeds between 12.30pm and 1.15pm.