Patricia’s 50 years at salon is career full of highlights...

Patricia McLoughlin who has worked as a hairdresser at La Boutique in Bramhope for 50 years
Patricia McLoughlin who has worked as a hairdresser at La Boutique in Bramhope for 50 years
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A LEEDS hairdresser who has snipped and styled hair at the same salon for almost five decades has promised not to hang up her scissors just yet.

Patricia McLoughlin first started her long-spanning career at La Boutique, in Bramhope, when she was just 15 years old as an eager apprentice.

She was busy sweeping up client’s chopped tresses and washing people’s hair in the village salon just days after leaving her high school in West Park.

The 65-year-old from Otley decided to take ownership of the business around 42 years ago when the former owner decided to retire and give up hairdressing.

But after 50 years in the business she has vowed to continue styling the village’s barnets for as long as she possibly can.

Mrs McLoughlin told the YEP: “I fancied hairdressing before I left school and someone my father knew was engaged to the girl that had this shop.

“I started as an apprentice and would sweep the salon and shampoo.

“I just wanted to carry on working.

“Some of my customers have been here longer than me so it is very lovely that they have come to me for so long.”

She said that she hopes one of the secrets of her salon’s success boils down to her friendly approach to customer service.

Over the years she has enjoyed seeing different hairstyles and trends develop but Mrs McLoughlin has ruled out ever dying any of her client’s barnets pink.

She added: “I can’t really say what I like most because I just don’t know.

“I like the variation and wouldn’t like to do the same thing all day long.

“I’m not dying people’s hair pink because it’s not that kind of salon.”

She also credits her success to her army of loyal clients over the years.

She added: “The clients are like friends because I have known them for so long.

“It’s the same people that come in each week.

“I would like to thank everyone very much for their support.

“I would also like to thank Carol and Beryl who help me in the salon.”

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