Parking rules lapse at market

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Leeds City Council has lapsed on enforcing the disabled parking allocation at the City Market because of a shortage of space caused by the current building works.

He says he was advised to park at the Corn Exchange but he is unable to walk that far after being paralysed in his left leg due to polio.

He told the Yorkshire Evening Post: “I have been there a couple of times before, I know there is disabled parking but when I got there, there were people parking with no badges or anything.

“I just waited a while and a normal space became available and was near enough to the flower shop but if not I would have had to go home.”

A council spokesperson said: “Our message to drivers is simple- if you are not entitled to park in a disabled parking bay then don’t.

“If you do you run the risk of getting a ticket and a fine.

“It would be wrong to issue a ticket that isn’t enforceable, so in each case we have to consider this before we make a decision.

“Given the nature of the works around the market at this time not every space is legally enforceable at every moment, but we are continuing to issue tickets to illegally parked cars in order to ensure disabled badge holders are able to use these spaces.

“We would ask all drivers to respect dedicated spaces, especially those for badge holders.”