Parking hell for Holbeck residents as call for more restrictions issued

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City centre workers parking in Holbeck are causing stress for residents in the area, it has been claimed.

A group of residents, with support from Holbeck councillor Gohar Almass launched a campaign on Friday to encourage non-residents to park elsewhere.

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Following the introduction of a residents permit-only area to the east of Domestic Street in 2018, cars parking in the streets to the west and on Domestic Street itself have dramatically increased according to a residents' group.

People in the area have begun a campaign encouraging non-residents to use the Elland Road park and ride by leaving posters on offending vehicles.

A civil enforcement officer from Leeds Council attended a walkabout with Coun Almass and the residents' group on Friday morning.

Coun Almass said: "At the moment this area is not a residents permit only area so people are taking advantage of that loophole.

"I just want to encourage people to be considerate and empathetic.

"I would ask people, how would you feel if people used your street like a car park and blocked your access?"

Holbeck resident Christine Davies, 75, explained that the situation had caused safety concerns: "This is an area with a lot of elderly people. I've seen the emergency services have to park at the top of a street in the middle of the road because they couldn't get closer to the house.

"They had to carry the person up the road to the ambulance."

Coun Almass added: "If there was an emergency situation and the houses and streets are blocked it could cost someone their life, or their safety."

Steve Peacock is secretary of the Cross Inghams Area Residents Association and attended the walkabout on Friday morning.

He said: "The roads are effectively one lane because people park on both sides.

"They park half on the footpaths which is dangerous for people trying to get past, especially in wheelchairs.

"We would like the residents parking zone extended further to cover Domestic Street and the streets to the west.

"The only way this will truly be solved is when the resident permit gets pushed so far that it's too far for people to walk into the city centre."

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Malcom Halse, 72, another member of the residents' association explained that the vehicles causing issues disappear on weekends, leading him to believe they do not belong to residents.

He said: "I've counted 46 cars on Shafton Lane Monday to Friday and on a weekend there'll only be one.

"From 5pm to 7pm during the week the road never stops, it's become a cut through for people."

Coun Almass added: "Residents shouldn't be doing this, it's not their job but it's a good initiative.

"They're taking a proactive approach, it's the only thing we can do at the moment.

The group are now awaiting an update from the council over the possibility of extending the residents permit zone.