Parents demand action on school gate road risk

NAWN 1406165AM1. Joanne Hemingway with other parents and thier children  outside St. James School.(1406165AM1)
NAWN 1406165AM1. Joanne Hemingway with other parents and thier children outside St. James School.(1406165AM1)
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WORRIED parents have begun patrolling a road in Wetherby with placards urging motorists to slow down and drive more carefully.

St James Primary School used to finish earlier in the day than neighbouring Wetherby High School and the different hours meant school-run traffic was staggered.

As a result there was less congestion on Hallfield Lane – also used by shoppers accessing York Road from the town’s Morrison’s supermarket.

But, when Wetherby High School changed its hours in October, the chidren’s departures began to overlap and parents claim there has been a dramatic impact on traffic.

“Cars tend to clog one side of the road which means drivers try to avoid having to let oncoming traffic through by racing to get to the gap first,” said mum Joanne Hemingway.

“The lollipop lady is taking her life in her hands when she tries to step out. There was even one incident when a driver using a mobile phone didn’t see her until the very last second.”

Cars have also been mounting the pavement to get around obstacles, prompting hundreds of parents to sign a petition urging Leeds City Council to act.

St James governor Galan Moss said the school shared parents’ concern and has been told the authority is considering double yellow lines and a survey to determine what else it can do to reduce the risks.

“Safety of our pupils is paramount. We do have concerns about the speed of drivers and people parking outside the school,“ he said.

“The Governors are working with Wetherby Town Council and the ward councillor to resolve the situation as speedily as possible. We urge parents to work with us while we go through this process,”

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